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How To Meet Women During The Day

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You have a great experience of how to approach girls in a bar, night club or a party and engage them into a conversation. But now it is just not enough for you. Why not to use opportunities thrown at you by your daily routine?

You can meet women during the day almost as easy as meet them in the bar. First of all, you have to pay attention. Observe and learn to recognize opportunities.

Your daily life is not just about partying. It is about going to office, supermarkets, restaurants, parks, shops, malls, etc. You can never know when and where you can meet a woman during the day. So, be prepared.

First, you should realize that meeting women during the day is different than meeting them at a party. In a way it is also more rewarding and efficient because chances that you will meet a person you can connect with on a deeper level are higher.

Second, meeting women during the day can be more challenging. Maybe that is not what a woman wants or expects. You should think about what you want to do and how you want to do this without seeming a threat to her. At the same time when she is not expecting you to hit on her she might not be so defensive, so all in all your chances of meeting a woman during the day are really high.

Here are a few pieces of advice of how to meet women during the day.

1.     You should be willing to approach women. There should be no pressure. You either want to do it or don’t.
2.     Approach wisely, don’t let her think you are a stalker or something worse.
3.     You should have something in mind of how to start a conversation. It can be one of your traditional openers, a sincere compliment, or something fitting the situation.
4.     Don’t be afraid to feel embarrassed. You have to be confident. After all this is just a woman, another human being. What bad can really happen there?
5.     Be positive and smile. Smile really does wonders.
6.     Be playful but not intruding.
7.     Be able to realize when she is not interested and you have to back off.
8.     If you see that she does not mind some conversation, talk to her, ask questions, listen to her.
9.     Flirt
10.  Be fun, but don’t overdo it. Be yourself. It should be a nice and friendly conversation so you might as well enjoy.
11.  If it goes well and you both “click” as for a number and ask her out on a date.

There is no ready-made recipe of how to approach and meet women during the day. The only 3 things that you should definitely need to have to be a success are confidence, sincerity and humor. Plus, you need to be able to use the situation to your benefit. Meeting women during the day depends a lot on a situation. You should learn how to turn it around for your own needs.

Written by Bill Prestion

January 5th, 2011 at 9:02 pm