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How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend back

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She broke up with you, or you broke up with her, or maybe you together made a decision to stop trying. Now, thinking about it you realize that you had made a mistake and you would like to change the situation. You want your ex-girlfriend back.

Before you proceed to action, you should weigh all pros and cons if you should do this.

Why did you break up?

Analyze the reasons of your break up. Think over what is the probability of things to change. When it comes to break up it is never a fault of one person only. It is a fault of a couple. Think if you are willing to correct your own behavior patterns. Ponder if she is willing to do the same.

Did you start taking her for granted? Did you forget all the dating tips for men that you learned while single? Or did she start taking you for granted? Are you willing to put up with the situation if she does not change?

Once you have answers to all of the questions it is time to proceed to the next stage of how to get your ex-girlfriend back campaign.

Here is what you have to do.

Correct your own mistakes

If mistakes were yours, rectify them. Nothing will change if you don’t change. If you want her back you should change the habits that annoyed or hurt her in the first place. Make sure she is worth it, and in no case blame her later for the changes you had to make to win her back. She didn’t ask for that. It was your call.

Make changes

This is not the same as rectifying your mistake. This is more like becoming unpredictable, surprising her every now and then. But in a good way. If you never took her out to a romantic movie because you hate them, it is time to do so now. Do things that you know will impress her and make her feel good.


Remember all the good things you did together, all the good memories you have of each other. Remember important dates. Remember things she likes or hates. Recall situations when the two of you had the best time. Try to reestablish those moments.

Communicate with other people

While she is important and you want her to be a part of her life again, life goes on. You can’t think only of her. Don’t let her see how miserable you are without her. Radiate positive attitude, smile and mingle with others. She liked you as a confident, fun guy. She won’t like you if you are any different.  More advice on how to get your ex back can be found at my favorite PUA Forum (along with a ton of self improvement advice).

Communicate with her

It comes by default. You can’t get her back if you don’t communicate with her. But don’t do it if you are not ready emotionally. You are a human being, you need time to pull yourself together. While you are doing it, it is recommended to cut off any kind of communication. Once you feel you won’t commit any blunder and are stable emotionally, it makes sense to contact her. A simple mail or phone call asking how she is would be a good fit. Act as if nothing is wrong. Little by little talk more and more often. Yet, show her that you have a life and you like it.

Be confident

Now when you are in touch with her again, show her you are different and you know how to seduce a girl. Then show her that she is important to you. Take one step at a time, there is no hurry if you want to do it right. Remain confident but positive. Bring out everything you know she likes in you.

Step by step win her back. Create a feeling of togetherness that she appreciates so much. If you follow all the steps right you will be able to get your ex-girlfriend back.

Written by Bill Prestion

January 19th, 2011 at 9:05 pm